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Obituary for Douglas Terrance Dyck

December 31, 1956 - June 18, 2023

It is with broken hearts we share Doug Dyck has journeyed to his eternal home to be with his Heavenly Father. He is joining his eldest son Ryan and his father Peter— fishing altogether in the river of eternal life. Left to miss him immensely are his loving family and many friends.

Doug was born December 31, 1956, to Peter and Helen Dyck and grew up in the tight-knit farming community of Arnaud, Manitoba. He is the second eldest of four children, John, Bruce and Kim, who have fond memories of their childhood with Doug. A comical memory they have is of Doug trying to run away from the farm and much to his chagrin, his dad told him, you can only leave with what you were born with, therefore making Doug think again and realize the farm wasn't so bad and decided to stick around. Of course, living on the farm had its duties and responsibilities. Doug, like the other siblings, had his role to play— cleaning the cream separator daily. On one occasion he dropped the center disc on his foot, leaving his toes broken, never being set back in place by the doctor and slightly bent to the right, just like his politics. At an early age, Doug's passion for angling led him and his childhood friend, Mooey, Murray Ladarny, to form the “Rod and Reel Club”. They fished in any body of water they could find— ditches, ponds, and they even biked to St. Malo Lake to set up their own fishing camp.

Doug and his family were active members in Arnaud and after schooling in Dominion City and Emerson, he couldn't wait to return to the farm to devote himself to his agricultural career. Doug worked hard on the family farm with his Dad and brother Bruce— dedicating himself to stewardship of the land. After a hard day’s work on the farm, Doug would enjoy his time off by attending Winnipeg Blue Bomber games with friends. Two friends, in particular the Enns brothers of Ste. Elizabeth had a younger sister, Elona, who swindled a ticket away from her brothers one game, and the two lasted the game and were eventually married in 1980. They had three children together, Ryan, James and Kayla. Doug's love and steady faithful presence as a husband and father through the challenges of starting his own farm, losing his eldest son, and living in faith as a farmer relying on the weather— these experiences show his perseverant character. His style of farming was organized, detailed and focused. He also didn’t mind being the only Blue Tractor and Yellow Combine for miles— rebelling against the green status quo. As a farmer father, you knew he was around and there was a peace that came with that— knowing he was a C.B. radio call or a quad ride away his family members knew you could join alongside him in his farming devotion. Doug would welcome family, friends, and neighbours to come and join him in the tractor cab or hop in the combine for a ride and join him in his life’s passion, farming.

As a family, their many trips west to see his sister Kim in Alberta and the Reimers in BC, are cherished family memories. Doug's love of family day trips, motorcycle rides with his sister Kim, finding the best ice cream spots along the way, and Polaris Ranger tours of fields, groomed trails and back forty locations— filled his farmer life.

In 2012, Doug found a new project and passion— embracing lake life in northwestern Ontario. Cottage Doug first put his charm and touch on Beauty Bay before migrating northwest to Pistol Lake near Minaki. Whether Doug was launching boats with his trailer-challenged spouse, stopping by a neighbour's dock or door-knocking to get a private tour of an old boathouse. Doug's demeanour grew afresh at the lake by going with the flow and finding peace and joy in his new surroundings— lending to his alter-ego of “social club Doug”. Doug's adolescent Rod and Reel club had grown and fully manifested into his Rod and Reel sanctuary to which many were invited to join. His generosity in allowing others into his happy place provided many with the same peace, joy and refuge Doug found in the beauty of the Canadian shield. Having the Hamm Clan, PPP Men's Breakfast Club, and of course relatives by appointment, many can attest to Doug's extension of hospitality and fellowship at the lake.

Doug's character is best described as a man of service to others in times of need, possessing steadfast love and devotion to his family, and having a knack for remaining calm and steady when life's challenges encircled him and his family. Doug being a farmer— work ethic is simply required but stewarding the land, space and people under his oversight was done with the utmost care, tireless effort, and attention to detail. Doug's wit and word were quality, not quantity, and being a man of intentional relationships, he took the time for people, whether in farm dealings, community partnerships, or lake life check-ins. Doug's life of service, and care for the land extended beyond personal gain, using his farm work to care for others by donating pieces of land and the yielded profits to the Canadian Food Grains Bank and the Mayinga School Project to which he was also a board member. He had seeded his entire 580-acre “Hobby” farm all on his own, mere weeks before his passing of cancer.

Doug’s Heavenly Father took him to his eternal dock much too soon. There are grandchildren quad driving lessons to instruct, junior farmer lessons to teach, a wife to hug and take on sunset lake liner cruises, a daughter to love and loon watch with, a son to counsel and listen to his Rick Mercer Rants, crops and neighbours to check, a muskie needing 1,000 more casts to catch, and an earthly dock to fix. Though, his loved ones are able to have peace and refuge knowing he'll be at the eternal dock, with his great big smirk, to greet all who wish to join him and his Heavenly Father for a cast into the river of eternal life.

A closed casket public visitation was held at Friends Funeral Service on Friday, June 23, 2023, between 7-8 pm.

A private memorial service by invitation took place Saturday, June 24, 2023.

In lieu of flowers, as per Doug's wishes, donations may be made to Hope Centre Ministries at 83 Henderson Hwy
Winnipeg, MB R2L 1L2 or online at on his behalf.