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Obituary for Erna Kasdorf

Erna Kasdorf age 65 of Winnipeg, passed away peacefully and went to be with her Lord and Savior at Concordia Hospital on January 10, 2024 with her family at her bedside, and while a video conversation was taking place from the Brazilian sky, where nephew Carlos Reinke working as a flight attendant was rolling.

Erna was born on October 10, 1958 in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil. She had Rikits, English disease, and had to be bathed in boiled eucalyptus leaves and... brought to sleep. She was able to walk at the age of 6 and her mind development up to 5 years.

From 1982 to 1991 Erna attended 2 different schools in Curitiba. Harry Derksen and Erna went to the same school in Curitiba. They were picked up by the same school bus and both were dropped of at Harry’s home, where Erna would be picked up later. They would make some coffee with cold water to enjoy.

In September 1979, Erna applied to immigrate to Canada. Bill Janzen, working for the MCC in Ottawa, wrote many letters and also other government workers, so that Erna could come.

Erna’s mother immigrated to Canada in April 1989 while Erna stayed behind with her sister Agatha in Curitiba due to her health condition. Erna immigrated in November 1991 with Aunt Mary and Uncle Cornelius Janzen on a flight from Brazil to Toronto and Ana picked her up in Toronto to destination Winnipeg. Erna had no free medical from 1991 to 1997 due to a bond in the bank and health insurance. We are so grateful that we had Erna in Canada for 32 years, and she received her Canadian citizenship.

If Erna had gone to the right school from an earlier age, she would have been able to express herself better. Her mother taught her table and bedtime prayers. She learned many songs and melodies and was able to keep the melody, even if not all the words.

Erna cleaned up, dried the dishes and knew which dishes were for weekdays and for Sundays. She was very precise, everything had to go according to her order. Once Erna heard a person’s named, when meeting again, she would remember them by name. She was offended when she couldn’t hitch along on a car ride. However, didn’t hold any grudges against anyone. However, her nephews were not allowed to take away her toque, and she always had her watch set to four o’clock.

For 24 years she went to Community Venture School, where she learned, developed and spoke more. She often said that she loved her school. Her clothes and lunchbox had to be ready everyday. Erna couldn’t read but could distinguish signs and do it well. She recognized the names of the places where she loved to eat. She often wanted to go to the King (Burger King).

Erna was loving, loved children but didn’t love cats and dogs. She loved coffee, especially Tim Horton’s. She made coffee with cold water. Erna was happy and always wanted to go along for coffee but was sad when she wasn’t allowed. We stopped Erna from drinking too much coffee. Instead of coffee she now asked for water.
Erna flew back to Brazil twice and travelled to Disneyland, Palm Springs, Caribbean Cruise, Banff, Vancouver, Watrous and Grand Forks.

In February 2013 Erna had a heart enlargement. Her heart and kidneys were being monitored for the last 10 years but failed.

The family would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at Concordia Hospital for their efficient care for Erna.
She leaves behind and will be missed by her brother Henrique (Helga) and their son Charles Wellington; sisters, Ana, Edite and Hildegard of Winnipeg; and sister Agatha Kasdorf Reinke, and her children, daughter Karin Elizabeth Reinke (Fabian) and their sons, Bruno Alejandro and Oliver Rodrigo, son Marvin Andreas Reinke (Larissa) and their daughter Maria Luisa, and son Carlos Henrique Reinke, all from Curitiba.

Predeceased by her father Henrique Kasdorf in 1981 in Curitiba and mother Maria Kasdorf in 1995 in Winnipeg; brother-in-law Vendelino Reinke in 2021 in Curitiba; and sister Marilene Kasdorf in 2023 in Winnipeg.
In memory of Erna and in lieu of flowers, we invite you to consider making a donation to Friends of the Mennonite Center Ukraine.

A Celebration of Life will be held on Wednesday January 17th at 10:30 am at North Kildonan Mennonite Brethren Church, 1315 Gateway Road, with viewing one hour prior to the service.

Service was livestreamed. Click link to view video.

In memory of Erna and in lieu of flowers we invite you to consider a donation to Friends of the Mennonite Centre Ukraine.

Internment at Glen Eden Cemetery, 4477 Main St. West St Paul, MB.